Process monoflange valves

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Process monoflange valves


The monoflange valves series are available as Process Monoflanges (PM range) and Instrument Monoflanges (IM range).

Monoflange Valves are integrally forged, one-piece double Mock and bleed assemblies for primary isolation of pressure take-offs, where the valve is directly mounted to the vessel or process pipe. Instruments may be directly mounted to the valve outlet or alternatively remotely with gauge lines/impulse pipe work


Weight Saving and Compact Assembly

Reduced stress from loading and vibration

Reduction of potential weak points

Reduction of installation and maintenance costs

Flanged connections are available according to ASME B 16.5 or DIN, with a wide range of process connections available. Full test and material certification according to EN 10 204 - 3.1B is also supplied if required.

The Process Monoflange (PM) has been design to replace the root valve-manifold assembly. This is the most cost-effective solution, with valves available as: block, block/bleed, or double block/bleed.

Instrument Monoflanges (IM) are used when root valves are not required, or when the root valves are not to be replaced by a Process Monoflange. In this case the monoflange can be directly flanged to the root valve.

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