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Lianzi Oil Field, Congo
Datetime: 2016-06-26    Visit: 663

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The Lianzi oil field is located in a unitised zone which includes parts of the Block 14 License (Republic of Angola) and the Haute Mer Permit (Republic of Congo) about 105km offshore, at water depths ranging from 820m to 1,070m.

Chevron's subsidiary Chevron Overseas Congo operates the field with 15.75% interest in the asset. Other interest holders in the field are Total with 26.75%, Cabindia Gulf Oil (15.5%), Angola Block 14 B.V. (10%, of which INPEX owns 4.995%), ENI with 10%, Sonangol with 10%, SNPC (the Republic of Congo National Oil Company) holding 7.5% interest and GALP, holding a 4.5% interest.

The estimated investment on the development of the oil field is $2bn. Chevron made the final investment decision on the project in July 2012. The field began production in November 2015 with a production capacity of 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/day). Revenue earned from the field's operations is equally shared between Angola and the Republic of Congo.

Lianzi oil field reserves and development

"Chevron's subsidiary Chevron Overseas Congo operates the field with 31.25% interest in the asset."
The Lianzi field is estimated to contain proven reserves of 70 million barrels of oil.

The development of the field involved a tie-back about 43km to the existing Benguela Belize Lobito Tomboco (BBLT) host platform located in Angola Block 14.

The field uses a subsea production system comprising three subsea production wells, three water injection wells, and an additional subsea production well and subsea water injection well each.

The installation of the 43km-long electrically heated flowline to transport the oil from the field to the host platform was carried out by Subsea 7's rigid reel-lay vessel Seven Ocean.

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