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API Standards Development Committee Awards Gobind Khiani the Resolution of Appreciation Award
Datetime: 2016-06-21    Visit: 673

The API meetings are conducted twice a year: spring and fall. This year’s spring meeting was in Chicago; several weeks later than it has been in the past, but at least we weren’t snowed in like last year’s fall meeting. There were a record number of attendees; in the order of 150+ in the committee meetings.

Standards published as a new edition since the last meeting include API600, API 602, API609, which was already in the galley proof stage as of the last meeting. The standards API 607, API 594, and API RP615 were cleared for publication and could be out by the end of the year. There are several other standards almost ready to be published, so there will be a number of new editions of standards next year. Some are on packing and fugitive emissions, but there will be a couple of updated valve standards also.

Currently, I actively participate in API608, API621, API599, API6D, and I am also the chair of the API 609 task group. For me, it all started in 2009 when Ray “Raphael” M. Bojarczuk (from Exxonmobil Corpn, Spring Texas), Stephen McJones (from Exxonmobil Corpn, California), Bill Ross (Chevron, Houston, Texas), and Ron Merrick (Fluor Enterprises Inc.) encouraged me to participate and share my knowledge with the API Standards Development Committee (SCOPV). At this meeting, I was the proud recipient of the Resolution of Appreciation award. I want to thank SCOPV and all of the dedicated individuals working alongside me. It truly is a joint effort!

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