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What is Manifold Valve ?
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Definition of Manifold Valves: These valves are those devices that are used to control and manage the flow of fluids by appropriate opening, closing or blocking the pathway of the fluids.

Manifold Valves fabricated by our organization are consist of two valve pattern which allows for easy separation, calibration, block and bleed for gauges, pressure switches and static pressure transmitting devices.

Most significant Features of Manifold Valves are:
All these types of Manifold Valves have screwed bonnet design.
These valves have one piece forged body without weld.
These Manifold Valves have Leak tight seal with low operating torque.
Dust cap of these valves protects stem threads from externals contamination.
Stem threads cold rolled are also present in these valves, to achieve maximum strength & high accuracy.
The S.S. Lock pin adjacent to the hexagon bonnet prevents any unscrewing of the head unit.
Each Valve offered by us, is 100% tested at required pressure to ensure leak tightness at Seat, Shell & Gland.


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